Why aren’t girls into me?

Hey everyone! I wanted to know if I’m the only one who had trouble pulling a female? Like I’m a girl myself and I’m 19 years old. But I’m sooo curious about women and am dying to have sex with one. But a woman almost never shows interest in me! No I don’t let anyone know I’m into girls but sometimes some lesbians will tell my friends they’re interested in them and literally it’s never me! The only lesbians that are into me are the ones who dress like men and I just want a pretty feminine girl. I guess it’s pretty annoying because I’m not trying to be conceited but I know im attractive. Ive won homecoming Queen my senior year in HS, was in a beauty pageant, and I did modeling in a fashion show but for some reason, no women ever want me in a sexual way. They just never bring it up and idk it sucks ig...like why can’t a girl just be down to do sexual stay with me and keep it a secret... so annoying!