Gender help? Potty shot & Skull theory


I haven’t been able able to get a proper scan at the hospital due to the covid situation so I booked a private scan as I’m 15+2 (although baby is small for size). The scan isn’t clear, there’s no nub shot in any of the pictures and it was a bit rushed however we were assured baby is healthy, if just a little small (big sister was small and we are a small in stature family so no worries there). We were surprisingly told the gender..... then it changed. I’m very confused and wondering if anyone can see how it compares to their little ones scans or have a guess from skull theory or potty shot?

This pregnancy has been smooth health wise but tough given the current situation with the world. We are lucky to be healthy but now that I know theres a wee possibility of knowing the gender early and letting that excitement grow, I’d really like to know thoughts.

Hope everyone here who’s having a baby is doing good, we are a Feb 2021 baby! 💛