Finally!! **UPDATE**


** Update: for those who asked to be kept in the loop. I had a negative test last Thursday or Friday so I waited until this morning (Monday) to test again. Still a BFN so I will stop my progesterone and allow another cycle to begin tomorrow. Pretty bummed, but this was only cycle 4 of trying for #2 so we will just keep going! God has a plan. He probably knew that since I love throwing big birthday parties I couldn’t handle having kids with birthdays that are two weeks apart lol!

We are on our fourth cycle TTC #2. When we got pregnant with our daughter it was from having sex the night before a positive OPK. We have tried every cycle to do that again but either because my ovulation day shifted or other circumstances we were never quite able to get it perfect. But this cycle we got it! Sex last night and a blazing positive OPK this morning. Woohooo!!! I have been saying all the prayers that this is our month. Let the wait begin. Good luck and baby dust to all you wonderful ladies!