Desperate times call for desperate measures


Those who follow me know am currently struggling with my son eating. He only will eat bread, apple, apple biscuits, and a spinach smoothie (mixed with other Vegetables and fruits) that I buy.

Today I said I will get a meal down his throat at all cost. After lots of tears and no success, I looked at all the leftover fish, Irish, carrot, zucchini

meal that took me hours to prepare. I was at loss. I know not to force it because it might cause bad attitude towards food. So I decided to make it into a smoothie. And put it in the fridge to get a nice cool for an hour. Guys!!! You should have seen how he drunk it all and almost finished.

So why does this boy hate chewing so much? Because he drunk it but refused to eat it.

Feeling like a winner though because I got the nutrients down.