Baby Shower Invite Etiquette ✉️📱👄


My friend sent out Facebook invites for her baby shower and sent paper invites to anyone who doesn’t have Facebook. She requested my mom on FB so she could send her an invite and ended up texting me asking why my mom hasn’t accepted the request. I told her she deactivated her FB, but I guess she still shows up when people search her? 🤷🏻‍♀️ (Not sure how it works because I don’t have FB)

Anyways, my friend told me to please let my mom know she’s also invited to the baby shower. My mom seemed a bit *offended* because she didn’t receive a paper invite after I told my friend her FB was deactivated.

Should my mom feel this way? Honestly, she didn’t have to send me an invite because I don’t have FB. She could have just texted me an invite. Is this a difference in our generations? What do y’all think?

A LITTLE INFO: *My friend is 31 weeks pregnant, she’s planning her own shower, and she just started work as a 4th grade teacher. She has a lot to plan and work around considering Covid guidelines for classrooms.*