When is it a good time for your children to meet your bf?


My bf says he’s ready to meet my daughters. We live a little over an hour apart. So he has even suggested us moving in soon. I work from home and my daughters are doing distance learning as well so I don’t have to worry about anyone taking care of them or picking them up. He hasn’t met my daughters but they do talk over the phone occasionally and they love talking to him. I haven’t told my daughters that he’s my bf but my oldest has been asking to meet him already. I’m honestly just scared that my daughters get attached to him and the relationship not working out. We’ve been together for almost a year and it’s been great.

When did you know was the right time?

What signs did you look for?

How long into dating did they meet?

It’s not a question of how serious the relationship is because things have been great. He knows my family and I know his family. We’re together every weekend (because my daughters are with their dad) and we have plans for the future, one which includes buying a home together and trying to figure out what city would work for the both of us. This weekend I won’t see him because I’ll have my daughters for family events but my daughter told him to come over this weekend. I know he would love to but he’s moving at my pace.