Our sweet girl is here after failed epidural


My water broke so I headed to the hospital, despite only being 1cm dilated. They hooked me up to the iv and started me on pitocin which I really didn’t want. The obgyn told me that it would probably take so long for me to dilate that she’d deliver my baby on her next shift the following day.

At 5cm, I couldn’t stand the contractions so I asked for an epidural. For a few hours all I could feel was a slight cramping when the contractions came on but that wore off by the time I was 9cm.

My nurses just kept asking who my anesthesiologist was because they could tell I was feeling all the pain.

My husband said that final push (after 2.5 hours of pushing) was the scariest moment and he thought I was being murdered haha and somehow, once she was placed on my chest I forgot all that pain.

All that to say, our sweet Romi girl has been completely worth it. 💛