Look at my eyeball


I went to the eye doctor today and got my eyes dilated

Took a really cool up close picture of my dilated pupil and wanna show people lol

That white strip in my eye is just the reflection of my arm I think. My eyeballs are fine

Added: so after I posted this i went to the grocery store for some yogurt and I walked around with those plastic sunglasses the optometrist gives you and my mask, this one little girl stopped in her tracks absolutely terrified of me lmfao. She was frozen and wouldn’t even listen to her dad. So took the sunglasses off and slid my mask down and smiled and she ran off to him.

so I walked around like this so I wouldn’t scare all the little kids

And yes I’m aware my mask is upside down but I mean this was taken in the optometrists office and I couldn’t see shit at the time

And everyone who made eye contact stared at me like they’ve never been to the eye doctor before.

More people stared when I had the glasses off vs on