Partner not happy with how I look (AM I OVERREACTING?)

I have a history of eating disorders and after years of being underweight then bulimic I’ve had a stable weight for about two years. Im a bigger girl (5’6 and 220lbs)

My partner and I were talking about weight because his neighbour recently called me to fat to be with him. This damaged my Confidence and I was talking about feeling ugly.

He then went on to say he thinks I should try to lose weight and he’d prefer me thinner and he’s not completely happy with how I look. After becoming upset he said he of course finds me very attractive now but would be lying if he thought I was perfect right now. He said I shouldn’t be as upset just for him preferring me not how I am now.

I don’t know how to get past this. I have BPD and I’m wrestling in my head whether or not I’m over reacting to it.

(Me now)