My Friend Is Stupid

Ok so my friend has a case of BV going on and a fibroid on her uterus she finally found out after me convincing her to go see why she isn’t concieving. She also had complaints of pain cramping and multiple periods. I am so angry with her because she was perscribed prescriptions for the BV & This woman wasn’t taking them like she was suppose to and drinking alcohol then had the audacity to call me venting about it won’t go away and it’s reoccurring etc. I’m tired of giving her advice at this point I’m really starting to think she doesn’t care about her health. She also won’t stop having sex after the doctor told her to. Not to mention she is having Unprotected sex with two dudes. Then she calls me complaining about

One of the dudes she is dating and saying he keeps getting into arguments with her putting her out etc. I told her multiple times you can not live with a man and think that you can spend nights out. She is just a wreck and her situations are really stressing me the hell out!! Question is would I be wrong if I was to stop taking to her and cut her out of my life? Thanks for advice X.