Trauma and being afraid of cereal box?


Hi everyone,

Our daughter was with our nanny yesterday while we were at work. She texted us after lunch and said that our daughter started crying uncontrollably without a reason other than perhaps teething. She handeled it fine and gave us an update of everything and put her down for her second nap. After that everything seemed fine again and no more crying. This morning I wanted to give her breakfast but as soon as she saw the cereal box, she started crying as if she was afraid of the box or has a trauma or something like that. I had a hard time calming her down. When I tried again, she was looking at the box and freaked out again. What is happening? What can be the reasons for her being afraid of the box? Is there a possibility of her being hurt by the box and now has a trauma? Our daughter loves our nanny and we are very comfortable with her, but our daughter freaking out like that after seeing the box just seems strange to us. Oh and our daughter is 10months old and normally never cries unless somethings is really happening like being sick, in pain, teething or being scared.