Social media detox?

Has anyone ever tried this before??? I want to stop using snapchat and Instagram for the next one year. (I don’t have a Facebook or anything else so it’s just that) I’m just tired of feeling like I have to post a certain amount of times or I have to look cute and post every so often because then I’ll worry about how many likes I get or I’ll overthink things and I don’t like wondering if my ex is going to like it or not or if he’s dating someone new, or my old friends and siblings will think I’m not doing good in life like they are. It’s just stressful.

I’m in nursing school for the next year. Would it be weird if I just dropped off social media until I graduate? I feel like I just want to grow into the person I want to be and nurse that I’m trying to be and when I try social media again I’ll have a mindset with more confidence in myself and more purpose to where I am in life so I won’t be bothered as much hopefully.

I’m just worried about hurting people’s feelings like my friends or family if I don’t like their posts, some of them are sensitive to that kind of thing. 😂

if people really care they can just call or text and I can do the same for people like my close family and best friend right?