What would you do ..

I hope this makes sense. My question is really a scenario question:

It’s been a while since you and your significant other were intimate. You live alone together, no kids, both working from home due to COVID. You both find each other attractive and say it all the time but don’t really show it that often.

So you’re in bed with your significant other getting all cozy and cuddling and touchy. Your SO says “hey I feel like we don’t have sex enough. Or even make out enough. We don’t get intimate as often as I’d like.” But you reply with “I agree, it’s been a while and I think we should do it more too.”

So it’s just the two of you, snuggling up getting all touchy feely and your SO just said they wanted to get freaky more often ..not just solely sex, but making out, dry humping, anything. After they say they want to do it more and you agree and it’s been so long since you have ... would you do it right there in that moment since they said it and you agreed? Or would you just agree and continue to lay there without initiating anything?

This might sound petty and I’m really not trying to be but I just think .. if I’m with someone and we both have a sex drive and there’s really nothing holding us back and they literally say to my face that they want to do it more often, why wouldn’t you do it in that moment?

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