Poop picture ** TMI ** dairy free soy free ?!

I have been dairy and soy free since June 4th.. every now and than he will have blood in his poops. 😕😕 I’ve noticed it in more diapers lately. He is a happy baby and seems to be gaining fine... he’s 4 months and 14lbs 10oz give or take a few oz.

my question is.... has anyone’s LO still have bloody and mucus diapers and was fine? My pediatrician said he will hopefully outgrow this and his digestive system will be able to handle. I get that.. but seeing the blood makes me feel like I am failing as a mom. 😭 it’s so hard.

He’s a happy baby! Is also a gassy baby! But 95% of the time happy and content. Please help! ❤️❤️❤️ thank you.