Do you get offened when people ask if you have a 'good' baby?


I have had almost everyone I know ask me if my son is a 'good' baby. Which I feel is kind of a weird somewhat rude question. Like I get they mean does he not cry and does he sleep through the night. But it always kind of catches me off guard.

I am not offended exactly but it does make me anxious. Because I want to be able to be honest when I am struggling but I don't want to under my son is 'bad'. Does he sleep through the night? No. Does he cry and fuss? Sometimes. But he's not bad or good. He's just a baby.

What about you guys? I know people are just using it as small talk but I always feel like it's kind of an awkward question to answer. Like if I say yes and he starts crying are they going to think I'm lying? 🤣

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