Miscarriage at 11 weeks

For anyone concerned about possible miscarriage symptoms I want to share my recent experience. This past Saturday night i noticed dull red bleeding. I thought it was either my period trying to start or my body transitioning to the 2nd trimester. Sunday, the next day the bleeding continued lightly and so i wasnt worried much. Then, I had bad cramps similar to menstrual cramps only worse. The painful ache started in my abdomen and moved to my lower back as well. The pain even had me on my knees. Told myself if the pain was still there on Monday, id go to the womens clinic at the hospital. Monday morning, I was changing my pad and as i wiped, out came a clump of soft tissue about the size of a golf ball. To be optimistic, i told myself it was just cervical tissue lining shedding away. The pain subsided slightly but i decided to go to the doctor anyway. Turns out it was a miscarriage.