In laws telling EVERYBODY!!?

My hubby and I had to tell his mom we were expecting as our cars in the shop at the moment so weve had to depend on her for rides to appts. This is our rainbow baby so we decided we wanted to wait until 2nd trimester to announce...we made that clear and his mom decided to tell his sisters and brothers and my father in law. His sister then told his grandma and ever since then his mom, sisters, and grandma have been telling everybody (including people outside the family) after weve told them multiple times to stop and the reason behind it. Theyve also posted about it on facebook and tagged me and my hubby a few times. My mom in law took a pic of my ultrasound from today and im pretty sure she sent it to people me and my husband dont even get along with and i think she may of posted it to facebook. I have yet to even tell any of my friends or family. Im so upset all i can do is cry. This was for us to announce! Ive been excitedly looking for cute ways for us to announce and everything and now im just like why bother? Has anybody else had this problem? How did you deal with it?