Omg I'm so happy! After all that bullshit with my mom telling me to give him back I sat him down and this is a permanent home for you. We care about you so don't think we are getting rid of you. Since he's 14 I was trying to find something nice for us to do together for his age so I played call of duty with him on the Xbox. We bonded! He told me I sucked so there's that lmao. After we were done playing I told him to go get ready for bed (code for go put on your goodnites, that way if someone is over he won't be embarrassed). I told him I love you and for the first time in now two months he says " I love you too!" OH MY GOD I'M A MOM!!!! My husband is sooo jealous right now. He's been fighting for that I love you and I got it first. We don't want to mention adoption yet because we don't want to freak him out, but maybe he will want to be adopted. I really hope so, but we are gonna give him more time. Also do you guys think we shouod give him more time to adjust before we bring up adopting