Painful sex during ovulation

Amanda • I am 23, engaged to be married, our first is a beautiful 5 y/o angel in heaven, We lost her April 2015, miscarried our second October 2014, we are waiting for our rainbow after the storm. (Ttc 2yrs)
TMI...Well today glow says it's my ovulation day and I agree, I have all the symptoms and even had extra symptoms that I researched and come to find out they point at ovulation as well! First me and hubby bd yesterday bc it was the day before expected ovulation well I noticed my cervix was a little sore during sex and then after when I went to the bathroom their was a little pink streak on my tissue, then again tonight during sex it was absolutely painful it felt like my cervix was being stabbed every time he went deep. And then after I went to the bathroom their was thick CM and streaks of pink blood on my tissue. I researched and I am def ovulating!!! Any ways I have never noticed this before bc I ALWAYS quit bc of the pain, I guess that's why it takes me so long to get pregnant..I'm always missing my important days! But nope not this time!!!!!!! Wish me luckkkk! And wanted to share so that you are all aware of these signs of ovulation. Bc trust me it hurts soooo bad no one would keep going if they didn't know it was ovulation lol