So I've recently tested positive for HSV1 without ever having an outbreak in my life even though the levels of the virus in my blood at the time of the test indicated I should have had an outbreak but I had no cold sores and everything looked fine on/in my vagina and butt, so I don't know where it's hosted. A couple of doctors that I've talked to told me that this is not something abnormal and that I shouldn't stress so much about it, and that transmission to partners would be a lot more difficult without OBs or even symptoms (even though there still is the risk with viral shedding etc). Even with this, I'm trying to be more cognizant of my body and what's going on. Recently, I've developed what looks like either a horrible razor burn or a contact irritation on my vulva. There is no real itching, burning, tingling, etc that I've heard is associated with outbreaks (especially your first one). But, it doesn't really look like a razor burn I've ever had and it also doesn't look like a genital HSV1 outbreak either (according to Google, that is). I applied some razor bump gel and they seem to have gone down significantly as well. I'm going to the gyno this week for an annual exam and plan on asking more about it then, but how are you able to differentiate between razor burns or rashes and herpes outbreaks? I'm mainly concerned as I've recently started seeing someone and while I have disclosed to him before starting a sexual relationship (he was very accepting, thankfully!) and I would like to keep him safe as much as possible. Thanks for your time :)