Upset! I just yelled at hubby. Just need to vent.

Dee🤓 • Had my boy Dec. 16th 2015 after having three miscarriages. Now I am pregnant again, after another miscarriage, so hopefully this one sticks. Due October 16th!
I'm 35+3 weeks. I know I'm overreacting, but it's like I can't help it. Keep in mind I'm usually super calm. I came home today totally chill, thinking hubby had done the one thing I asked him to do. He's been home for five hours. I asked, what have you done?  His response? Nothing. Not a thing. I had asked him to shake the carpets out and vacuum when I wasn't home because of my asthma. It's been bad. Just the living room. That's it. I had asked him to do it on Sunday. But everyday there's a reason he wasn't able to do it. Fine. I understand. But there was no reason today. When I asked him why, his response was "I forgot". I LOST IT! I yelled at him for like twenty minutes. And I couldn't stop myself. I just couldn't. I finally walked away and what does he do? He starts vacuuming. Hello?! I'm home right now. It can't be done right now cause I HAVE ASTHMA AND ID LIKE TO KEEP BREATHING! So yeah, I yelled at him again, to stop. I went to our bedroom and he started following me. I asked him to please stay away from me right now. I need space to calm down. I started crying. Which made me more upset cause I know baby feels all this. Which made me cry more! Now my belly hurts, my throat hurts, my asthma is flared up, my baby had been moving all crazy (I'm sure I pumped him full of adrenaline) but I'm finally calming down. Until here comes hubby, trying to apologize. And of course I want to forgive him, but I'm still way to upset, and I tell him calmly, just leave me alone right now. Thankfully, he did. And I think writing this out has also calmed me down. If you read all this, thank you for sticking it out. I think all is good now.