Abnormal Pap smear... Help

I'm 18 years old and pregnant with my first. 10w4d. Baby looks good and growing right on track of my estimated due date. When I was younger I recieved all 3 of my shots to prevent against HPV. I have a very limited number of sexual partners in my life. Two of which I was their first time so I guess that pretty much narrows it down to the two others... But by doctor said I'm so young not to even worry about it right now that it should just go away on its own, that they don't even start checking for that until 21. They'll do another pap in 6 months then after the baby is born see about doing a colposcopy. I just need someone to talk to that's had this happen to them.. I'm freaking out. My best friend she has it, but hers has turned into mild dyslpashia. Some please help!!!!