I hate my boyfriends friends.

To start off... I don't have every single one of them. That being said, there is a group of people who are intent on making my life hell. My boyfriend is a very caring person and has had these friends for varying lengths of time. He's known a few since they were in diapers, and a few for only a couple years. 
Everytime that we get in a fight or have an issue I have 5+ people knocking down my door bitching me out. Granted we have had our share of problems (none of which have been caused by me.) He loved one of the females in his friend group whilst he was in a relationship with me, he asked a random girl for pictures over Skype (he never got any pictures but there certainly could've been nudes exchanged and their conversation was very suggestive and sexual.) I'll admit he is a train wreck but I love him. The problems I stated were early in the relationship and I have forgiven him. That being said.... His dumbass friends (excuse my language) stepped into both of these fights and completely bashed me. Apparently I am childish and insecure that I'm not okay with my boyfriend loving another girl while we are together. 
Our most recent fight was about the Skype issue because he did this about a month in but I'm just finding out now. I deemed it cheating because he sent her a picture of his face and was very intent on getting pictures from her. Of course I am in the wrong for being upset about this. His friends are so against me and our relationship. I have done nothing wrong in this relationship. His friends have been complaining about how I take him  away from them... These are college and high school students by the way. 
I don't know what to do as they are a big part of his life... I wish they would all just disappear.