Help! My family HATES my partner!

I'm 35, and have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years. I have a 12 year old daughter from a previous relationship and suddenly became pregnant after no birth control for 6 years. Problem is, I'm 10 weeks pregnant and my family despises my man due to previous relationship issues I've had with him. They don't know I'm pregnant and I'm not sure how to announce it. My daughter is excited which makes me happy, but my family won't be so much. Holidays are coming and I don't expect to spend it with them because they are not accepting of him. Jus yesterday my twin sister insisted that I leave him and return home to my mothers....I know me and this man have not had the perfect relationship, there are alot of trust issues but we're in this together and he is more excited about this new baby then I am. Mostly because of the disappointed I kno that my family will feel. But I'm 35, this opprtunity most likely will never happen again. It's gods will. But how do I announce this to my family?