Recurring BV

This is my 3rd time getting BV this year. First in January, then in June and now. I have no idea what is wrong.

I switched everything. I use all natural tampons, unscented soap, cotton undies, take a probiotic daily. I still eat sugar and I have one sexual partner. In fact, before pregnancy or during pregnancy, I never had an issue. And now, I keep getting it over and over. Could my partner be the issue?

He dislikes using condoms, I tell him to clean himself before sex, I urinate after. I'm really stuck right now. I currently breast feed too.

Can I use boric acid while breastfeeding?

My partner says he will take the treatment if the doctor tests him and says he has it. Is there a test for men? He also refuses to wear condoms. I really wish he would but he claims they itch sometimes and stop him from feeling the real thing. I told him his sperm and etc can throw me off but he really doesnt feel it is him.

I have tried telling him no sex. He does not listen and wants what he wants. I really wish he put on condoms.