Whole milk instead of formula?

My little one had her 9 month appointment yesterday. We’ve been having trouble getting her to drink her bottle, she HATES it. Constantly pushes it away, and we are afraid that she’s not eating enough. Her pediatrician suggested that we could switch her to whole milk instead, or a mixture of whole milk and formula.

Has any one else done this? First time mom here, but this seemed early to do so. Any tips on transitioning? Or maybe tips on how to get her to eat better? We tried her first cup of milk today and she seemed to like it as much as formula. 🤦🏽‍♀️

She doesn’t even act hungry anymore. She is a BUSY baby, She could go all day without a bottle. We have tried putting the formula in a sippy cup, we’ve tried it cold, warm, smaller amounts more often, nothing seems to help. I think her poor sleeping is partly related to being hungry.

Help a mama out! 😬