Call says positive test, but I’m not pregnant??

So I’ve come to the conclusion that I probably can’t have kids since I’ve been struggling TTC for over a year and a half now. I finally get a call, but not from who I expected.

My insurance calls to tell me that there was a claim filed from a clinic “that I visited” in late July with results of a positive HCG test for me so I should look into prenatal care and infant support.

The kicker.... I’ve had my period last month and this month so I highly doubt that I’m pregnant. I did visit a clinic in the location they gave, but it was earlier in July, not the end. However the interesting part was when I asked them if they can verify they recited my first and last name (with proper spelling), my phone number and my address.... but I’m not pregnant.

I feel that the universe is messing with my mental again