Did he sleep with someone else?

So we had broken up for a week and got back together. There were things I found weird but chose not to ask like that. I found old condoms on top of his table at his house and he used to have a few under the bed but they weren't there anymore. I had gone to the store to buy him a soup cause he wasn't feeling well and when I came back he put the condoms away. I said where's the condoms? You put them away? And he mocked and said "did you use them on someone else" Then I said did you? And he said should I have? And if I was with anyone else. I told him he's the only guy I been sleeping with and then he said I'm supposedly the only girl he's been with.

Anyway this has been eating me away and I tried getting info from his roommate but didn't have much luck. I don't want to keep talking about it with him but it's bothering me.

Not to mention I also saw a notification on his phone for a dating app that same day but didn't say anything to him about it.

Am I being played?