Non-confrontational confrontation? Help

Mez • +they/them+ If my name changes it’s just part of my identity crisis🙃

I really don’t like starting fights or causing problems and idk what to do. I want to fix my relationship. I’m just scared he’s gonna feel like it’s his fault, and it kinda is but still! He never takes me out, barely texts first, and I know he’s busy sometimes, but you don’t just text your girlfriend then disappear without even reading what she sent back barely a minute later! I’d be mad if I got left on read but he doesn’t even see my messages for days. And he never explains himself, just “hello” maybe a week later and “sorry I was busy”. How busy can a friggin high schooler be in the middle of summer???

I want to tell him, “hey, I miss you cause you’re barely giving me ANY attention. It’s kinda shitty and if this can’t work out, I’m not going to waste all my time worrying about a boy who practically ignores me!”

But I feel like that’s too rough, like how do I nicely tell him to man tf up or be single? halp

My options are: suffer in silence, be bitchy and force him to decide whether or not I’m worth his time(and see if he’s going to try to be worth mine), or break up with him.