First Timers Issues


So my girlfriend and I have tried to have sex a few times now are unable to do so. We are both virgins and each seem to have issues with sex. We believe she has vaginismus which just makes this more tough. We have plenty of foreplay but as soon as we get a condom on me I can't keep it up. I lose any feeling of sensation and will loss it before we can even position ourselves. I found that I can stay erect with a condom during self masturbation but nothing else does that. I'm not sure if it has to do more with pornography or anxiety. I always watch porn when I masturbate and can climax very quickly. If we're doing mutual masturbation however I can last forever.

I know it's a lot but if anyone can shed some light on how to treat my issue and or hers it would be much appreciated. I would prefer to hear from those that have actually dealt with this issue instead of speculations. But if you believe your solution is very effective please share it.