Pregnant after a miscarriage

Hi everyone I'm a mother of 6 2 girls 2 boys an Angel baby and I'm currently 9 weeks pregnant. In July we lost our baby at 9 weeks baby stopped growing it was such a hard time for me because I never got to hear my baby s heartbeat. The first time I went tithe ER was for spotting at 6 weeks pregnant I was hoping to hear a heartbeat but technician told me I was early to hears beat. Well two weeks later another trip to the emergency room for light bleeding and cramping hoping again to be able to hear a heartbeat and nothing still baby measured 5 weeks I ask doctor how could it be I'm  supposed to be 8 weeks. Doctor got me so mad that didn't answer any of my questions he just to me to relax and enjoy being pregnant I'm stressing out for nothing but deep down inside I knew something was wrong I got discharged and sent home that whole week bleeding got more heavy and cramps got worse I knew that I was loosing my baby my third time at a different ER because I wasn't gonna return to the last one. And this hospital confirmed everything I already knew that other doctors didn't. They told me that I had been having a miscarriage for about 3 weeks and my baby stopped growing at 5 weeks my heart fell to the floor my baby was gone what did I do wrong was it my fault. First month was very hard for me falling asleep crying I ask got to give me strength to cope with this pain. I had to stay strong for my other children. A week later I had the most wonderful dream I dreamed of a baby couldn't see a face but this baby was glowing with a white dress with a pink bow around the dress I believe God answered my prayers to let me know what my baby was it was a baby girl. I love a big family and always knew I wanted more kids but I didn't want to get pregnant again in fear of another miscarriage but to my surprise I took a pregnancy test one day after my missed period and sure enough came out positive it's been 4 months after my miscarriage now I'm 9 weeks and 2 days hoping that this baby makes it I still have lots of fears of loosing this baby but something deep down inside of me tells me that everything will be ok baby will be due June 20 2016 hoping for the best