Feeling guilty for being blessed

We are considered low income. The scholarship knows our situation. They have worked with my ADHD special education daughter. Any way last year husband was laid off and hasn't been at this job for a year. We managed to keep wic, but lost snap because we made too much just on his income alone and 2 little ones. We manage in a 2 bedroom apartment. I've started working this holiday season, and he's pick up ot. The school called and asked if we would like to be in the Christmas program as last year.. food to make a Christmas dinner encluding turkey. And presents for the girls. We donate their clothes and toys twice a year. And give what we can when we can. I know the extra at Christmas is such a blessing and I can't believe all that strangers will do and so blessed we can receive the help. But I know thier are other needy families, much more than us. I'm sure the schools has reached out to them too. But I can't help feeling guilty, like taking advantage or something. I really don't know why I feel like this. It's such a blessing this time of year. I am am very thankful that the school has a great program for low income families like mine.