Should I get marry while still in college or after?

Bf + I= 2gether 4 years, in our 20's. living in diff. states but visit each other A LOT, know each other deeply. Both want 2 get mary since we been 2gether so long, a lot of ppl encourage us to do it. Both are strict Christians = no sex before marriage. Have to admit that's 1 of main reason we want to get marry. I'm still in college, have career goals to achieve. 
​1. I want to get marry because I want to be with him already, not only for sex but I want to come home to him.
​2. Don't want to marry because marriage and preganacy will make finishing college harder.
​Bf agrees to support me with college and with baby.
​Any advice??? Please
​I'm so confuse!  

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