Bad friend.??

Okay. So I've been kinda friends with this girl since 9th grade (senior now) & she has this guy that she considers her first love. She said they we're together for 3 years & some months.. Recently he told me that he liked me and how I am. Also recently the girl & I fell out for a couple of weeks. (A whole other story). Even though we fell out he continued to talk to me. Check on me., ask how I was., and to just say hey. So she assumed that since she stopped talking to me that he had too & like a few days ago we were talking and I brought him up. I had mentioned that I talked to him the night before and she was like he lied to her about not talking to me then told me how he supposedly brought her some food. Come to find out he didn't & she made it up.. Now she found out he liked me and got mad & was saying how he lied to her & that they were together & blah blah blah. She's mad at me because I still talk to him and didn't tell her that he likes me.. I feel bad but at the same time i don't.. am I a bad friend.?