I'm sorry about the nudity in the first photo as I was about to go to bed, but the first picture was taken a little over 2 weeks ago. In August or September I had an ultrasound showing a 3cm cyst on my left ovary. I forgot about it until recently as I had missed my period and had excoriating pain. This was how bloated I became in a matter of days and stayed that size for a few weeks⬇️
This was taken a few minutes ago. I have been in so much pain, and my belly is firm and painful to touch. I have another ultrasound on the 6th of December, but it would be nice to listen to anyone stories on large cysts. 
It's ruining my days lately, I can't sleep at night or walk into town as I'm in so much agony. 
What should I do? 
Any advice/experiences?