Im worried! :( please read.

Okay so this is my 4th baby. With my son which was last pregnancy I had a placenta rupture. That was 2 years ago. My BC failed and its God's plan for me to be here today, but with saying that. This is SO weird and different all 3 of my children, i have been SUPER like deathly sick! Had my gallbladder removed. So sick I was only giving birth in 140s. So I think maybe that's what caused the rupture was constantly puking. My levels are at 157. Not what they were with he other 3. Im SUPPOSED to be 6 weeks 4 days. But by the levels and im assuming the ultrasound she says im way earlier. But i don't see how I could be 2 weeks earlier than that either. It wouldn't make sense from my period / ovulation dates, Idk. Im waiting for the 3rd blood results tomorrow.

Monday - 85

Wed- 157

& i took one Friday pending results. I know the levels wre going up but idk. Slowly.

US was TV on Monday.