I didn’t use OPKs so I really don’t know my exact DPOs - it has been a bit wild because I’m pretty regular (29-day cycle) and my morning sickness started on cycle day17 ! So I’m assuming I ovulated early (around day 11) and implanted quick (around day 16). I didn’t have sex before cycle day 11 because my husband was traveling... so my calculations should not be very off. I got my positive digital test yesterday at 12 DPO.

In any case: I started being nauseous and vomited on what I assume was 6 DPO 😳 - And it’s only getting worse. It’s so early than before my BFP I thought I had a stomach bug and even scheduled a GI appointment!

Has anyone’s experience this during their first two weeks? Is it only going to get worse?

Is it possible that I’m just to sensitive to hCG? Or what could it be?

Any tips?

Thanks! 🤍✨🙏🏻