To VBAC or Schedule a Second C-Section

Kate • SAHM, 4 year old son, baby due January 23rd, 2016. HELLP Survivor.
With my first pregnancy, I developed HELLP Syndrome around 36-37 weeks. It's a rare syndrome that usually has high blood pressure, low platelets, and high liver enzymes. The risks are organ failure, coma, and rarely death. The only treatment is to take the baby, so at 37.5 they discovered the HELLP and I had an emergency c-section.
Four years later, I am 30 weeks with my second son. I thought I wanted to try to have a vaginal birth as long as I stay healthy and avoid getting HELLP again. So far, so good. But I just found out that my trusted OB/GYN doesn't do VBACs any longer. Her colleague had a terrible experience where the baby lost oxygen and was brain dead. She stopped doing them after witnessing it. It's made me rethink everything. I can either try to vbac with another doctor in the same practice (I plan to have a consultation), or schedule a c-section with my doctor. 
Does anyone have any advice or experience either way? A successful vbac? Good c-section recovery stories?