She won’t sleep in her crib


My little girl is 5 months old and won’t sleep in her crib and everything I try just makes it worse. We follow the same routine every night. 6pm she’s done with her last nap so she nurses for a little bit and then we play. 7pm me and her dad eat dinner. 8pm she eats purée and then by 8:30 she gets a bath. We read a book and then she nurses until she fall’s asleep. I slowly get up and try to move her to her crib but the second her butt touches the bed she wakes up and it’s impossible to get her soothed unless I nurse her. 30 minutes later she’s asleep so I try to put her in her bed again. Again she wakes the second she’s in bed. Every once in a while I can get lucky and she will sleep for an hour or two in her crib but most of the time she wants me to hold her. It’s resulted in her sleeping in our bed and I know it can be dangerous I want to stop this as soon as possible.

I know co sleeping can be dangerous and I am following the safe sleep seven rules for co sleep but I want to stop. I never intended to co sleep and don’t want to keep this up I just don’t know how to get her to sleep in her own crib. Any advice is a big help the only thin I’m against trying is the cry it out method especially since she vomits if she cry’s for to long