Hurtful things

Has anyone said anything pretty hurtful to their child before? I'm feeling so bad and I apologized to my daughter for what I said. She forgave me but said it broke her heart..

My daughter has had lot of behavioral problems over the years and one of the things she is constantly doing is lying about people hurting her. (Including us.) Tonight she said I hit her with a ball in the arm and than her butt as she's freaking out crying. The ball hit the door, didn't even touch her. (We were playing with a baby ball.) Before this incident she was screaming running away from dad because he was trying to talk to her.

I told her she is crazy.. I said "you keep making up stuff that didn't happen and one day, if you don't stop saying those things someone will go to jail.

I feel so bad for saying she is crazy. Has anyone else said something not nice to their child that they didn't mean? I feel like a child myself for saying something hurtful when I was upset. Please don't bash me, I already feel like a horrible mom.