Gender should reveal before birth or not?

What do you think that gender should be revealed before baby get birth or not and keep it surprise and should be reveal only after birth.

We are living in India and law does not allow doctors to reveal the fetus gender.

The reason is to equate the girls to boys ratio. The number of girls are less in comparison to boys. Because, many families give more preference to boys than girls. The feel girls as a bourdon to them and wanna get rid of it as soon as possible. Girl's family also pay huge amount of dowry to boys family during their marriage.

Because of this, people use to start killing their fetus once they know if the fetus is girl inside womb.

Since, now in India this is not allow to know before birth. The couple travel in the country where this is not restricted to reveal the gender of the fetus. For example couple traveled to US to find the gender of their fetus and once they know they abort the pregnancy if the fetus is girl.

Therefore what I think that it should be remain secret the gender of fetus all over the world in all countries like in India.

This is our last week and curious for our baby. We don't wanna know the baby's gender. Let it be surprise for our family. (Our family are happy with both gender).

So what you think whether gender should be reveal or it should be keep secret?

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