Why are people OK with this?


I honestly feel like no one is really talking about this. That Trump has not only has moved to end Federal Racial Sensitivity Training but it also pushing to stop the 1619 Project and The Critical Race Theory.

I personally teach my 9 yr old history even though she is in public school because history lessons are so squed. I teach her American history that isn't taught as well as Caribbean (Jamaican/Haitian) history (because she is 2nd generation American and Caribbean history has some ties to America and slavery).

Anyway, he wants to have a more patriotic education. And even though he has no real power over changing curriculums he has real influence. He wants to erase history and ignore the cultures that have helped make and diversify this country. Not just racially either. This will also effect LGBTQ+ communities because he only wants "nuclear family structures" to be talked about in schools.

And now RBG has passed, and Roe v Wade is on the line. And I don't think many people know how much RBG did for womens rights. Before her most banks would only issue credit cards in their husband's names and women could be fired, paid much less or even denied a job based on their sex.

I am seriously afraid of what will happen if Trump gets his way with the education system and if he get to pick the new Supreme Court of the United States Justice. Even if its a woman, he is going to pick someone he believes will push his agenda.

I just don't understand why people are ok with this??

(Not to mention his supporters intimidating early voters in Fairfax, VA)