My husband gets mad if I vent to anyone or talk about him

Am I wrong for going to my friends? His cousin overheard me talking on the phone one day and she said I was talking about my kids father badly. Everyone is upset & now talking crap about me. Iv been crying since & I just had my baby & cant seem to enjoy her. It was a private conversation & I feel terrible. My bf knows I talk on the phone & sometimes vent & hes gotten pissed off. I feel often hes controlling & doesnt let me go out even to get some air. My friend stupidly posted on my fb saying she'll always be there for me & she knows how it feels to feel controlled & he saw it & told me to stop going to my friends. Everyone thinks hes manipulating me, they tell me we all do it, they say if he wants me to say good things about him then he should do good things.