Question about hair down below 😌

Hi all!

I’d just like some input on how common it is to have tons (and I mean tons) of hair down there. both in the bush and between the cheeks lol.

I have very thick, curly hair and it’s everywhere down there. I’ve never been able to shave it without razor-burn and painful itchiness, despite how precise I am, so I leave it natural and trim the bush sometimes. It takes a lot of time and I don’t care much.

Thing is, I’ve got hair going down my lips and to my booty. I’m gay and would like the in-between hair (lol) to disappear but there’s no way I can see down there.

Any input related to whether you leave it natural and are hairy like me would be appreciated (need some emotional support 🥺), or if you have suggestions on how to tame it easily. And especially if you’re a queer woman, I would love to hear your thoughts on whether you or your partner shave.

Most of the problem is that I’ve never even heard of anyone having hair in between the cheeks and on the outer lips like me!!