Caught roommate and his girlfriend going through our stuff.


So we are moving out of a house that we got with a friend we have known for 10 years due to his girlfriend deciding she wanted the entire place to herself and didn't want to share with my family anymore, and since the house is in his name we don't have a choice. It's a shitty situation, but it's our fault for trusting him.

Anyway...We went to visit my sister 3 hours away to help her move into her new place, and our security system we have to keep an eye on our kids while working from home, started going off. So we hope on a bit confused thinking the cats might have set it off, but was our roommate and his girlfriend going through our kids bedrooms, our livingroom and for some reason our fridge talking about how all of our stuff was trash. We confront him and pitches some bullshit that she wanted to see what room she would take when we moved out, since they don't sleep in the same bed because she is insanely religious. I'm glad our bedroom door was locked because no doubt she would have been rifling through the drawers. Other than move out, which we are currently working on, I don't know what to do. Or even if I can do anything. I just feel like what they did is incredibly disrespectful, and they crossed a very serious line. My husband wants me to just ignore them as if they aren't here anymore, but I don't know if I can keep my mouth shut.