Lost need a little guidance


So two questions: 1. Has anyone lost their mucus plug before or currently? 2. Has anyone lost their mucus plug in early pregnancy??

So I’m 23/24 weeks pregnant and this morning when I went to wipe after peeing a huge blob of mucus came out kinda peach colored I guess and it was super thick and stretched at least 12in im assuming cause when I wiped it was still hanging from my vag to the toilet paper like the distance of where you would hold out your hand after wiping to look at the paper.. too much Info probably I’m so sorry don’t know if it has any relevance I’m just trying to be as detailed as possible.. now I did have intercourse yesterday around noon but when his cum comes out it’s usually runny and clear so this is not what I believe I’m experiencing.. idk I could be wrong. I have had other children but I’ve never lost my plug before, docs have always had to break my bag for me.. maybe I’m just being paranoid..?