So.. I woke up this morning and could smell EVERYTHING! It actually drove me nuts. It’s not as bad now later in the day, but I still found it extremely weird. I was smelling things I’ve never smelled before. Things like iron in the water, laundry soap from the neighbors, the air conditioner, and one that I was actually a bit confused about.. the smell of my boyfriend. I know men have a certain “smell” all of their own. I’ve been with Sean for 6 months and never noticed his until today. (It wasn’t a bad smell I promise.) it was super weird though. Almost sweet.

Anyway, I did some research and the top culprit seemed to be pregnancy? Did anyone else experience this in their first trimester? I’m doing my best not to panic, but I can’t buy a test at the moment, and I really just want assurance that it’s something else! Someone help me out!😂