Cervix check


So I’m 37+5 weeks and had my 38 week appt today at 11 am. Doctor did a cervix check which I had at 36 weeks too and said I’m already 4-5 cm dilated which I’ve been having a lot of pressure and period cramping for the past couple days so was happy to hear. He said I might have a little bloody show from the cervix check which I know is possible but never have bled in the past from them. I didn’t start bleeding some until like4 hours later and I’ve been cramping so much and in pain. I’m still bleeding not like gushing but figured it would of stopped by now and the pain would be gone. I’m calling it if it gets worse throughout the night or continues until tomorrow but how much do you usually bleed after a cervix check?!? And shouldn’t the pain go away after a while?