Talk some sense into me :(

Megan • Married my DH 05.16.15. Had our first baby ~ Finley Rae on 08.22.16 ❤️ second baby ~ Ellie May 04.23.19
First off, I have had baby fever for the last year. I've been patient and waited for an appropriate time to even think about having my first baby. I am graduating with my RN in one month, have been married for 6 months, we bought our first home last December, and he has a stable and good paying job. Recently, my hubs Really got on board for TTC - he's ready too. Why am I having doubts?? I know it is such a commitment. The only thing I can think to do now is turn to you all for advice and input - wait longer or go ahead with something I've been waiting for (my baby!! 😍)