Update: still no baby, 44hours of labor & counting

renesmee • Mommy of 3 👩‍👧‍👧 ✨comin soon April ‘22✨

I posted Sunday night I was admitted! I came in for back to back contractions which led to bleeding and come to find out Baby girls PLACENTA erupted.

They then spoke about an emergency c section which my SO wasnt happy about and clearly expressed his feelings which I’m glad he spoke up when I couldn’t because it wasn’t needed. I got the choice to try a v birth.

I was put on oxytocin at 4pm and NOTHING. Contractions picked up but they were nothing compared to Sunday contractions. They then turned that off and let me rest saying we would come a with a new plan today.

Around 10 I got cevadel placed in and still, nothing 😞 as long as babys heart beat is ok I am not need of a c section I’m just getting discouraged and impatient. I want to go home. She will probably have to spend time on the NCUI due to be 4 weeks early and the eruption 😞

Sorry just had to vent! I was due oct 17. They said there is no chance I will be leaving with no baby 😭